Vasim Asghar’s Moulin Rouge-inspired collection in red and deep black ROCKED Karachi Fashion Week 2013-14. Vasim Asghar is a talented young designer of Pakistani fashion industry and market. He has been in this business for some time now and has offered many successful collections. Vasim Asghar provides clothes and outfits for women and girls. Vasim Asghar offers unique designs and color combinations at reasonable prices. Till now he has launched Desert Rose Collection, Prêt a Couleurs, Charming Silhouettes, Hello Dolly Collection, Marry the Night, Lost in Wilderness collection and some others.

It is notable that Vasim Asghar’s collections are named in a very unique manner. Vasim Asghar deals in casual wear, formal wear, semi formal wear, and party wear. Just like the titles of Vasim Asghar’s collections, outfits are too very different from those outfits offered by other fashion designers.Vasim Asghar’s Moulin Rouge-inspired collection in red and deep black featured a short dress worn by Saima Azhar over sheer red stockings.

Loose, billowing fabric was used to create further drama and special effects in the clothes. Fouzia in an oversized v-high neck, a short black sequin dress worn over striped stockings added to the element of surprise which slightly tamed down as the show progressed. Intelligent use of minimal embellishments on such a strong pallete and Iraj and Nadia’s multi-tier long shirts drew the segment to a sensational close. Vasim Asghar’s collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2013-14 is so superb that all designer and fashion models appreciated him for his great work. Now have a look at Vasim Asghar’s Moulin Rouge-inspired collection 2013 in red and deep black ROCKED…[