Ali Zafar for the promo fo new Movie London Paris New York

Even before its release, Ali Zafar’s film London, Paris, New York (LPNY), is doing wonders for the Pakistani musician-cum-actor as his songs are ranking on top of radio channel Air Check India. New movie London Paris Newyork 2012

Zafar, who has written six songs for this film and has also sung and composed them, is the first lead actor in a Bollywood production to take over the role of a music director. The songs that have left a mark on Indian listenership include, “Voh Dekhnay Mein”, “Ting Rang “and the title track “London, Paris, New York”.

Bollywood attested to “Voh Dekhanay Mein’s” popularity and dubbed it as a song with “infectious appeal”. The news of its popularity couldn’t come at a better time for the actor as the LPNYrelease date is just around the corner .

An excited Zafar said about this achievement, “I am humbled by the response. Making music for films is not an easy job. You have to compose a song within the parameters of the situation which has been decided by the writer and the director. I consider myself lucky that whatever I sent to the producers and director was liked by them. I didn’t have to remake any song.”

On the terrific response he got from his fans, he said, “What a singer awaits the most is the response of his fans. And up till now, this venture has been very encouraging. I have been performing live with co-star Aditi Rao in different cities for film promotions and the response we have gotten from the crowd has kept me going.”

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