Saturday, March 6, 2021



How to care your skin in summer hot air

How to Safe Your Beauty in Hot Summer

Skin makes your beauty difference look like young or old age. Our skin pores are wide open in the summer season. The sun rays are very harmful to the skin, they cause different skin...
'Keep-Cool' Tips

Hot Summer Safety Tips & Hot Weather Health Tips

Hot summer days give us tons of fun. But fun in the sun can be exaggerated. Below you’ll find the top hot summer health and safety tips.  Every summer at least 2/3 of Americans...

Latest Khussa Trend For Girls in Various Wedding Ceremonies

Khussa is basically men's wear item. But due to changing style and fashion in the world it is now also used by women's and Girls. The khussa shoes are made with the finest quality soft...
New movie London Paris Newyork 2012

Ali Zafar for the promo fo new Movie London Paris New York

Even before its release, Ali Zafar’s film London, Paris, New York (LPNY), is doing wonders for the Pakistani musician-cum-actor as his songs are ranking on top of radio channel Air Check India.Zafar, who...
How to polish and make your nails pretty and long for wedding and other party functions

Techniques to Make your Nails Pretty

Getting a manicure done at a salon can be pretty expensive especially if you get your nails done weekly.You can easily create your own nail art designs at home using your favorite nail...