All about lips beauty and care

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All about lips beauty and care

For those of you that covet lip-gloss over all other cosmetics, it takes a very special lipstick to attract your attention. That’s why the few lipsticks you actually do own are your prized possessions, bought after great mulling, surveying and consideration. So, we understand your pain when you open your drawer to find the mangled corpse of your fabulous new lipstick, melted in the tropical Karachi climate. The heat, having broken your lipstick in two, allots your lipstick the same fate as many lost before in the same fashion.

You have one of two options: either use a lip brush to apply the colour or just buy a new one. Let’s be honest, a much as we love spending hours in front of the mirror doing our make-up, no one really has the patience to use a lip brush. Plus, does anyone wish to carry a brush and multiple tissues in their purse just for touch-ups? And what about the lipsticks that have been discontinued, or that were purchased on a winter jaunt to Dubai and are not available locally?

For those of you that have suffered multiple, or even single broken lipsticks due to warm climates or because of asserted strength you didn’t know you had, there is another alternative. All it takes is a little heat, a little cold and some determination.

Lipsticks are basically created from wax and emollients. This means once you warm them, they can be moulded any way you like (if you played with candle wax as a child – here’s your time to shine). So if, like us, you don’t wish to part with your precious lipstick, here’s a quick way to salvage what’s left.

Take out your seemingly innocent-looking lipstick and curse your luck. Then, layout some paper towels on your table to prevent a mess. Remove the cap and rotate your lipstick out until the entire base has come up from the shell. Then, remove the broken half and place it on the paper towel.

From here on, you’ll have to work fast, limiting the time between the warming and cooling periods. Light a match (a lighter might be easier to manage) and wave it first over the broken part of the base so it gets soft. Make sure not to apply heat for too long or you’ll melt the lipstick completely – remember its wax!

Pick up the stem of the lipstick using a paper towel that will prevent the colour from getting on your fingers and will also keep the heat of your hands from further melting the product. Wave the match (or lighter) under the broken (bottom) part of the stem for a few seconds until you see it becoming slightly waxy. Again, try not to melt too much of the lipstick.

Attach the stem back to the base of the lipstick, putting the two sides you just softened with the heat against each other, and push gently together until they stick. Light another match and quickly move around the line between the two halves to seal it.

Finally, swivel the lipstick back down and put the cap on. Pop it in the fridge for a little while for it to set. Voila! It’s ready to wear. The best part? You not only don’t have to part with your favourite lipstick, but you can save yourself the hassle of fumbling with pesky lip liners at your next big get together.

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Sarfraz Arshad