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Amina Haq (also variously spelled Aaminah Haq and Aminah Haq) is a Pakistani model and actress. Arguably one the most photogenically beautiful Pakistani models and actresses, she is most famous for her role in the television drama Menhdi, in which she plays one of the three daughters, Alishbah.

She is the daughter of Sherzade Nilofar Haq, commonly know as Sherry Haq, the third wife of the Pakistani politician Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar; Haq has an estranged relationship with her father. Aminah Haq is a name that is constantly in the Media.

She is a Model, an actress, a performer, A diva, and also one with a heart of gold. Aminah Haq started her career at a very young age and faced a lot of difficulty because of her Father’s name and political reputation.

Mustafa Khar who is Amia Haq’s father did not approve of his daughter’s career choice and the rebellion in the gorgeous new model fired her to further pursue the career of a Model. equestrian web design. Today Amina Haq is one of the world’s most beautiful and talented models who has worked extensively within Pakistan and outside of Pakistan. Make-up is not something this woman needs to look beautiful, in this without makeup shot, Aminah haq is seen wearing nothing but nude lipstick.

Her features are beautiful and dont need anything to be enhanced.Amina Haq wowed everyone when she dared to go blonde. Not many Pakistani women with their olive skin tones, can pull off a Blonde hairdo. However, Aminah’s look which are also quite western, supported the hairstyle perfectly and she looked amazing. Ary Digital program Day in life of your favourite star featuring Aminah Haq.

Let’s See She also creates the posts within the magazines and newspaper through the title of Girl Friend. Shes also engaged using the Ammar Bilal; hes the style designer and will get married within the 2009. Here is also some picture photos of aminah haq.

Pakistani Model Aminah Haq Pictures

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