Arij Fatyma Model & Actress Got Divorced

Hot Pakistani actress Arij Fatima Got Divorced

Famous Pakistani Model & actress Arij Fatima whos famous drama Meri Beti shocked her fans with a status update on Facebook today annunciation her divorce detail.

The Facebook status which is doing the rounds online says that “it was a mutual decision” and why stick with a decision which you know won’t work out in the long run.

The Arij Fatyma’s facebook page update whit this status:

Media source corroborated to HIP that she had indeed aimed divorce from her husband Faraz and was “trying to make the dearest of the situation.” Her status update was positive and we have to chip in credit to the star for being so forthright.

Arij Fatima wedding Nikkah ceremony took place on January 5, 2014, and they looked rather charming together. But divorce is indeed a personal matter and if they’ve decided then so be it.

The exact reason behind this sudden end to their near three-month relationship is still unknown.

Arij Fatyma Dramas include Hazaron Saal, Sabz Qadam, Sabz Pari laal kabooter, Mahi Aye ga, Marjai bhi to kia, Paree, Hamnasheen and Teri Ulfat mein sanam.

Arij recently won the best female actor (for Soap) award at Hum Awards for her performance in Ek Pagal Si Larki. She has been seen on versatile channels and has all the factors to become the next big thing.

Facebook update of Arij Fatyma Got Divorced

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