Best Face Foundation Makeup Tips and Tricks 2014 for Girls

In new fashion era the Foundation is the base of makeup for bridal and formal fashion. Without Foundation application the makeup is dull and muddy. The usage of Foundation will make you skin glowing and shining.


First of all Moisture you skin so that it may be felt smooth. The liquid foundation will be best shaked before used. So shake well your foundation before application.

Apply Foundation:

First use small quantity of liquid against the desired need. For an almost bare look, spot apply foundation only where need it. Like around the nose or mouth. If you need higher coverage apply foundation to the center cheeks and forehead. And blend toward the edge of your face. A foundation brush is great for this. Remember to use poweder to lock the foundation.

Adjust the Foundation:

Consider various ends depending on the look you want dewy or matted or sheer. What climate you live as well as other factors may affect you skin. If you are having your picture taken you will want high coverage foundation. If you are headed to the beach it may be all you need is a tinted moisture. If it’s winter you may need more Foundation moisturizing formula. It’s good to build a foundation wardrobe.

Now take it to Go:

 For quick touch ups use a potable stick or compact foundation.

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Salma Nawaz