Best Nails Strengthe Mask Homemade Recipes

Best Nail Strengthening Mask Recipes in Winter For Girls

Home-made Nail Strengthening Mask Recipes

It is important to stay your nails sturdy as a result weak nails bust all the time and which causes pain and infection.
Below are some instructions for the nail strengthening mask recipe.
Mask 1
• Three tablespoons of oil
• a pair of tablespoons mixture silicon oxide
• a pair of tablespoon of brew
Virgin oil is used for keeping your nails moist and soft wherever as silicon oxide and brew keep your nails sturdy and facilitate them to grow. for creating the nail mask with higher-than ingredients all you have got to try and do is combine all higher-than merchandise in a very deep bowl. Apply this mask on your nail before attending to bed when a few minutes’ massage it well and wherever gloves.
Mask 2
• 0.5 teaspoon red pepper
• ten drops of cooked water
• one teaspoon fat cream
Mix all higher than ingredients well and keep it in the water bathtub for 10 minutes and funky. Apply this mask on your nails leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with traditional water.

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