Sunday, December 4, 2022

Islamic Wear

New Veil Hijab Design 2014 by Designer Dian Pelangi (1)

Dian Pelangi Veil Hijab Design Collection 2022 for Women

The ever famous fashion designer Dian Pelangi is well known for the Islamic women's fashion of Hijab and Veil design. The designers' Islamic wear styles are seen over the Muslim world. Dian Pelangi fashionable... (5)

Latest fashion Matching Head Scarves by Bokitta
New Pakistani Woman Abaya Fashion Trend 2012 by Meem Seen

Meem Seen Abaya Fashion Trends for Pakistani Woman

Latest  Abayas Fashion by Meemseen Hijab fashion and abayas by Meemseen now in Middle east, UAE and Pakistan  Latest abaya designs & abaya styles by Meemseen New Abaya is a loose-fitting, black outer garment is worn by Muslim women. In many Muslim countries its a must for women...
Islamic Jilbab Hijab Designs Fashion Trends 2014 For Girls (2)

Latest Jilbab Hijab 2022 Designs Fashion Trends For Girls

We are sharing the latest and Popular Fashionable Jilbab Designs and Hijab 2022 Street Fashion for Girls. Famous dress-in is firmly joined with the sleek bounce traditions, which was accumulated into this world in...
Stylish Embroidered Abaya & Hijab Fashion 2015

Arabian Abaya & Hijab Designs 2022 for Girls

Here we are sharing Black Abaya & Hijab Embroidered Best Designs 2022 for Girls. These all fully black abayas are the choice of each Muslim girl in the world. Abaya 2022 is a...
Hijab 2015

Lovely Hijab & Abaya Design 2022 to Girls

In the world you see the black, white, beige and many other skin shades and like that the Hijab fashion is concerned. The fashion of Hijab and Abaya is fully seen in Muslim girls....

Best kebaya Dress Design

The fashion ethnics are formally altered all the world and ladies fashion mostly differ from place to place. The muslim countries ever have the best and exclusive design for wedding women and girls. Here...
Latest Design of Islamic Abaya Fashion

Latest Design of Islamic Abaya Hijab for Girls

Here we are sharing Latest Design of Islamic Abaya Collection 2014 for women that love the Islamic fashion. The fashion for Abaya is found all around the world. The women wear Islamic Abaya on...

Acacia Beautiful Abaya Collection 2013-14 For Women

Today we are sharing Acacia Beautiful Abaya Collection 2013-14 For Women. Acacia is a famous to the east latest trend mark of Western Australia which was founded in 2010. Their exquisite designer dresses fulfill...
Latest Pakistani & Arabic Abaya Collection 2013 For Ladies

New Arabic Abaya Collection 2022 For Women

Abaya arabic dress is like all over the muslim world. In Pakistan and other countries arabic abaya designs are mostly used in summer and spring season. Girls use latest abaya for daily casual routine....