Curling Coils Hairstyle for Lovely Girls

The fashion for curling coils to you hairs seems to be very old but the natures of hair length and stiffness of your hairs may require some more extra care to make these styling curls.

Natural Curling Coils Hairstyle 2015 Step

What is TWA for Hairdo?

The TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) is a small afro or A rounded thickly curled hairdo stick of for making your hairs round and curly. The most hairstylist uses TWA to make their client the hair to the demand for various times. TWA Natural hair mostly used in African countries. 

Here is some step that will make your hairs in the curling coils shape like and sponge on the head.

This best working sponge methods for TWA is actually something folks with One of many long thin braids of hair diversifying from the scalp; popularized by Ethiopians  started to use to start engages a lot quicker, for those girls who like to wear their hair straight as well I suggest looking for a hot iron to curl or straighten your hair at the same time. The method of sponge curling is fast and easy for girls wish to make them on priority.

The most basic steps to take for creating twists on a TWA with a sponge:

  • The TWA may be used not for many long hairs as they may be locked in the most engagement and may not easy to straighten them again.
  • The hairs may be slightly wet with water. The use of soft spritz (A quick squirt of some liquid (usually carbonated water))of leave-in conditioner or water should be all right.
  • Get the curling conditioner on the sponge in lap shape.
  • Now rub-down the TWA sponge round motions on the hairs. And the hairs may start curling now.

These curly coils may not be permanent and you can make them straight by combing at any time.

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Sarfraz Arshad