Beautiful Easy Nail designs for Short Nails

The latest girls looking for easy nail designs Collection for short nails step by step will find the best place here to get new nail ideas here. Time-saving step-by-step nail designs are necessary for each girl. Easy Nail designs are a short time span and look gorgeous with low effort. 

Latest Beautiful Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

The random ideas for that time are best for you. If you have to go to a party and have an hour to go. Then this easy step-by-step nail designs tutorial is best for you. You just have to follow some steps here.

  1. First, select a dark background for your nail. Preferably dark blue is best but you can do any. But I recommended navy blue also. With that select some 4 to 5 different colors like light blue, dark blue, pink, and crimson colors.
  2.  With a nail, polish brush fill the background with dark shade polish and apply light blue colors like dotted shades with both nails polish like in the pictures.
  3. Then select a pink color and also apply dots with brushes.
  4. Then select a pink brush and also make some dots at different places on nails according to your mind or you may see in pictures.
  5. Then again select the light blue shade brush and apply material somewhere you like.
  6. At the end of the color application again apply dark blue.
  7. Now with the help of the pointer any Needle type pointer applies some very short points of white colors and some places.
  8. The dark blue nail polish select the point where mistakenly applied some extra shade to fade it in small size.
  9. Now with a clean brush fine-tune any play you look not right and you will get a very attractive and easy nail idea with that method

New Step by Step easy nail art designs for short nails

This easy method may take only 10 minutes to apply if you are near the available material. You may like that s cute and easy nail designs step by step. If you like then please feedback us.

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