Shining Skin With Homemade Fruit Masks

By reading this article you will know how to Get Shining Skin With Homemade Fruit Masks. In girls teen age a have to face many skin trouble and due to those they lots the instinctual glow and shine of their teen age skin beauty but here we are going to share such amazing and very easy home made fruit masks by applying those you will get back your teenage glow and you will be shine any time.

The first rule of getting glowing skin of this beauty tips is drinking lots and lots of fresh water do not drink ever chilled water always drink fresh water as it will boost your immune system and your skin will look more healthy fairer and shinny without any hard work.


 Banana  are such great benefits to eat and to apply on skin. bananas are rich in potassium, calcium and vitamin b complex they are useful to eat as well as to apply on rough and itchy skin. take a banana and mash it very well add some honey and lemon juice in it and apply on your skin rinse off after 30 minutes this will make your skin flawless as well as shinny and glowing.

Besides this if you are with flat bally than eat a couple of bananas and after eating take two glass of hot water it is an amazing remedy to burn the fats of your bally and if you are too skinny than eat two fresh bananas with a glass of milk and you will gain some weight so these are strange remedies of bananas use them try them and enjoy their benefits by applying them as per directed.

Grapes :

grapes are sure but not all of them some grapes are very much sweet in taste. Grapes has acid in them and some bleaching agents too. apply a grape juice directly on your face and wash it off after 30 minutes it will make your skin so supple , younger and remove blemishes. it is very effective remedy but application is must it is suitable for all skin type.


A lovely fruit and have lots of vitamins and energy add a little bit pomegranate juice in your daily face wash and see the amazing results it will make your skin free from all skin problems and also make it wrinkle free as well as acne free. And if your face is full of acne and scars than dried up some of pomegranate peels in sunshine and grind them well apply this powder n your skin after adding milk it will abolish all acne from your skin and make it as radiant as much you imagine.

Strawberry :

All red color foods and fruits usually have vitamin a in them and strawberry is full of vitamin a and it makes your skin more younger , wrinkle free and rosy just take a strawberry and apply it directly on your face rub gently on your face until 15 minutes and rinse of it will make your skin rosy , glowing and healthy.

Yes now girls and boys these are so much easy and available cures and fruit masks for you to keep your skin glowing and healthy but besides dong all these remedies you all have to take a well balanced and very healthy diet if you will be string from inside than the glow will come on your face definitely so be relaxed take your breakfast at any cost do not eat so many fast foods and drink plenty of water. All these remedies will be effect on your skin when you will apply them constantly so stay blessed and enjoy your life. So try this homemade cleansing face mask for your glowing skin. 


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Salma Nawaz