Impact of Cosmetic Surgery

side affects of skin surgery

The aim of cosmetic surgery is to make the human body look better and beautiful. Every year thousands of people go for these operations to change their face and body without realising that its impact can be devastating, ranging from emotional to physical ones.

The concept of cosmetic surgery is gathering momentum in Pakistan. Every year there are many people who go for plastic and cosmetic surgery which have some side effects also. It depends upon the operation also. Patients experience headaches, nausea, and prolonged pain and another symptom which is very common after the operation is the inflammation surrounding the area of the body where the procedure is done. Individuals may experience bruising also.

Cosmetic surgery is very expensive also, those who want to go for an operation should consult a professional who can guide them regarding the cost as it would help them make their mind about going through cosmetic, surgery. The impact of cosmetic surgery can estimate dramatically and may lead patients to pay more than they bargained for.

As far the emotional impact of cosmetic surgery is concerned, it can prove drastic. When they go through the operation, what seems minor in the beginning can aggravate and serve as a ‘beginning’ to a larger problem. Even if a problem is small, the patients have to come again and again in a fear that the body might not become distorted.


The impact of cosmetic surgery can be risky and variant. During operations, people become involved in risks associated with cosmetic surgery. There are cases of people dying on the operation table and catching up on various infections, allergic reactions and organ failure. They occur at a minor level but still they make a ‘difference.’

Similarly, the negative impact of cosmetic surgery is scarring. In certain cases there are scares that don’t fade over time. Breast augmentation and liposuction are two of the more popular procedures that cause scarring.

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Sarfraz Arshad