Karishma Kapoor Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan

Karishma-Kapoor-crescent-lawn-print-spring-summer-collection by stylespk.com

Crescent Lawn Collection is latest Lawn Collection launched in Pakistan designed by Faraz Manan with Bollywood Indian Actress Karishma Kapoor as Product Representative. 

The Crescent Lawn Collection for Women & stylish girls highlights the colors of feminine soul in truly an enchanting way with floral prints and exotic color combination. The Clothing collection by Crescent is inspired by our rich culture that celebrates a refined sense of Style. The Lawn Collection has banged with latest colors, prints and designs and is combination of quality, authenticity and craftsmanship. Karishma Kapoor Crescent Lawn 2012 by Faraz Manan

The product is launched under the umbrella of Crescent Brands. The Brand’s successful ventures encompass manufacturing, retailing, and brand management operations. Firdous lawn Is Trend Setter For hiring Bollywood Actresses For Unveiling Their Collection. Following The Foot Steps Of Firdous Lawn Crescent Lawn started off by choosing.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen as their brand ambassador. knowing well how crazy people get about bollywood celebrities, Karishma Kapoor is the next big trendsetter for the spring-summer collection of crescent Lawn. It is quite impressive how these actresses take pleasure in modeling for the Pakistani brand apart from the finance incentive. Now see the image gallery of Karishma Kapoor Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan…

Karishma Kapoor Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan




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