Desi Dress Collection: Mera Pakistan Summer Traditional Dresses by Aqua of Zainab Sajid

"Mera Pakistan"

Mera Pakistan’s new collection is the innovation collection under the label of AQUA by Zainab Sajid. It aims to sustain itself as the iconic traditional dresses collection for Pakistani girls. Zainab Sajid’s latest summer collection for women has recently launched with beautiful and unique styles and patterns.

Zainab Sajid a very well-reputed fashion designer of Pakistan has recently launched her latest brand named Aqua by Zainab Sajid.

This latest summer collection by Zainab Sajid is launched by Aqua which is really inspired by Mera Pakistan.

In this stunning collection of casual wear, dresses by Aqua consist of long shirts with churidar pajamas and trousers which has been embellished with a unique style of embroidery that represented Pakistan.

Desi Dress Collection in Fashion Gala “Mera Pakistan”

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