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Sara Bharwana is a Lahore-based girl that is going to marry famous Pakistani pop singer Atif Aslam. Sara Bharwana became the wife of Pakistan’s nice romantic singer Atif Aslam. The engagement ceremony of Atif Aslam and Sarah Bharwana was curbed in Lahore on 18 September 2011. Sara Bharwana is Kinnaird’s college student had met with Atif Aslam on one of his shows, and of at that place both fell in love and concorded to get engaged later.

Sara Bharwana and Atif Aslam engaged a few months before and now they’re in the relation of life partner / Shaadi. Is this breaking news for you. Yes, it’s breaking but it should not be heartbreaking.

Atif goes to marry these days 29th March 2013 with his future lady friend and bride-to-be wife Bharwana. She’s terribly excited these days on these occasions of his wedding along with his love. Tonight is the most special occasion within the lifetime of Atif Aslam. His mehndi ceremony prevailed on 28th March 2013 in port all his friends and relatives area unit celebrating these happy moments of his life.

The Mehndi ceremony began at eight.00 p.m. on  28th March. Atif was carrying a designer dress with churidar pajama and a purple shirt. we want Atif Aslam a really better of luck for his wedding life. Look at the exclusive picture of Atif Aslam’s newly married wife Sara Bharwana photos…

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