Zara Salon Elegant Bridal Makeover 2013 by Rizwana Kha

Today’s best article to share with girls is Zara Salon Elegant Bridal Makeover 2013 by Rizwana Khan. Zaras Salon is fittingly arrayed to skillfully conform to the distinct requirements of the instrumental females of our society. Latest machines, deluxe décor and dexterous beauty artist’s hint at the saloon’s success. Zaras has a copious patronage compassing performers to misuses of political figures. Bridal makeup is their genius as it requires a lot of activeness to style a girl cast her best appearance on the wedding day.

The treatments at Zaras take care of all variety of makeup, skin, hair, nails necessities of a modern day lady and all this is furnished by well-trained beauticians. Apart from the day to day activities acting as an icon of a modern day woman of Pakistan, she regularly appears in the Beauty competitions held in various pockets of the city, not to mention the honor of being the Chief Guest at various renowned beauty exhibitions.

Rizwana Khan, the owner of Zaras Salon, is 1 of the pioneers of Pakistan’s Association of Beauticians and holds the post of its vice-president. Zaras has won the Literacy Award presented by the late Hakim Mohammad Saeed for training people in the field of beauty. One of her many credentials include a certification by Sind Board of Technical education (SBTE) to make a manual. Bridal Valima Engagement & mehndi day makeover shoot by Rizwana Khan salon is best offering package for Pakistani women. Now look some lovely pictures of Zara Salon Elegant Bridal Makeover 2013 by Rizwana Khan…

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