Zoya Beach & Surf Collections for Summer Season

NEW Zoya Summer 2012

Zoya Beach and Surf are the new summer collections, inspired by the sea and sand! Stylespk has collected ladies’ trendy nail polish collection, which is most liked in all over the world. you will also like it. There are twelve new colors in all, six in each collection. Beach focuses on mostly creme colors and Surf is all about foils!

The formula for Beach overall was pretty good. There were some slight streaking issues with a couple, but they mostly worked out. All but one were two coats. The formula with the Surf colors was great. Creamy amazing foils. Applied like butter, and all just two coats.

Nice collections! From the Beach collection, I really liked Wednesday, Arizona, and Tracie the best. I feel like they are the most unique ones. Wednesday in particular is a must-have for me.

From the Surf collection, my favorites are Rory, Zuza, and Myrta. Again, I think they are the most interesting and unique shades, all about these reviews you can read them at stylespk.com. Now that you have seen Beach and Surf in all their glory…

Now see the Glorious colors of Zoya…

Zoya Beach & Surf Collections for Summer Season

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Salma Nawaz