Burberry is a famous luxury fashion house, established in Great Britain more than 150 years ago.

Today this trend is appreciated by people, who want to underline their social statuswithout being to pompous and as a rule tasteless. Burberry products include clothing for men, women and kids, fragrance and accessories (sunglasses, bags, belts, scarves, watches, etc). 

Burberry sunglasses collections stand out with the rigidity of style. For all of the fashion house history it has been sticking to self-established traditions and distinctive features. It reflects the legendary trademark patterns, such as haymarket check one, first introduced in 1924. Burberry sunglasses are easily recognizable by size, shape, design and colors.

Burberry men’s sunglasses are created specially for those men, who think that to follow fashionable trends is out of their business. Especially popular are famous grey/black aviator style and sport sunglasses.

These designs are suitable for Valentine Ceremonies.