Makeup Trends In hot Spring Summer season

different trends for summer fashion

Every season comes with its own baggage and a series of different trends may it be clothes, shoes, accessories, or makeup. Winters must be celebrated with darker tones of lip colors and makeup that will suit the darker shades of colors worn in clothing.

Spring is in the air and a lot of outdoor lunches and brunches are taking place because the weather is simply lovely for an outdoor day bathing in the sun all dressed up.

This is the perfect season for having coffee parties in your garden, family brunches or lunches with friends. The colors worn these days are also going lighter because people have worn enough layers and darker shades and now they want a change.

The colors worn in spring are lighter and floral to match the weather so in that case, the makeup also needs to be lighter and should give a touch of spring and summer.

The key to spring and summer makeup trends is to merge the vintage style with the modern style. This is the biggest makeup tip for this year because all around the makeup is going on in the same way.

Rouge lisp colors are very in and especially red. Red seems to be in fashion whereas lip color is concerned a lot of people are now becoming brave enough to wear red and it looks great. You just need to know the perfect red for your skin tone. Colorful makeup is also in fashion these days so you can go crazy with eye colors and nail colors.

Mascara should be changed after every three months so it is the perfect time to change it with the new season. Sheer pastel colors are in fashion. A little bit of bronzer will look lovely on the cheeks. Neutral shades can also be used in the spring and summer makeup trends. Spring makeup is simply lovely to carry with light color dresses.

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Sarfraz Arshad