Pakistani Flag on Face in Cricket Occasion Especially in Pak vs India Matches

pakistan vs england cricket match t20 2012 final (2)

Cricket matches are very exciting in all Pakistan. All Pakistani people are very passionate about cricket. They love the game and the players who play for the national team. During the cricket matches cricket fans enthusiastically do things to cheer their stars up.
In theses photos, a fans has painted the flag of Pakistan all over his face to support his team up.
Especially, when Pakistan plays against its rival India, everyone goes patriotic; the encouragement of the people to the team augments to the fullest extent.
The color of the sky seems turned into green, as if people bleed green instead of red.
During the match, spectators’ shouts patriotic slogan, they sing nationalistic songs to encourage the team. People arranges pray for the team to win the match.


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Sarfraz Arshad