Umar Akmal Married to Abdul Qadir’s Daughter

Pakistani top cricket player Umar Akmal married past test cricketer Abdul Qadir’s Daughter whose name is Noor Amina. Umar Akmal’s nikah was served in the mosque with very simple traditions. In his wedding ceremony, Umar Akmal’s relatives and friends were invited. Umer Akmal Also dance on his wedding party

According to the media news, Umar Akmal revealed that he is very happy with his marriage to Noor Amina and they will not go any place for Honey Moon in the Pakistan or world but they will only go for Umrah in Madinah with his whole family.

The Rukhsati of Umar Akmal and Noor Amina will be on Wednesday on 16-04-2014 and walima ceremony will be on Thursday on 17th of April 2014.

This may be remembered that in Umer’s brother’s family, Umer Akmal is young in from two elder brothers named Kamran Akmal and Adnan Akmal. Both Kamran Akmal and Adnan Akmal are already married.

Star balle baz Umar Akmal is famous in this T20 World Cup 2014 with his fast inning on 94 runs. We wish him to success like this in his whole life for Pakistan and his family.

The Umar Akmal wedding will happiest day for his family and all Pakistani cricket fans.

The Woman Behind Umar Akmal

Noor Amina is often recognized as the wife of famous Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal. In this article, we’re diving deep into her life, her role as a supportive spouse, and her personal interests. So, who is Noor Amina? Let’s find out.

Noor Amina’s Early Life:

Little is known about Noor Amina’s early life, but what’s certain is that she has been a steadfast pillar for her husband. As you’ll see, her quiet but essential role has been integral in shaping Umar Akmal’s career.

The Grand Wedding of Noor Amina and Umar Akmal

Their wedding was a grand affair that took place in Lahore. Interestingly, this occasion was filled with media personalities and was a significant event in the cricket community.

Noor Amina’s Support Behind Umar Akmal

Unquestionably, Noor Amina has been a steady source of emotional support for her husband. Throughout Umar’s ups and downs, she has stood by him, showcasing what true partnership means.

Noor Amina’s Private Life

While she may be a public figure by association, Noor Amina prefers to maintain a low profile. This part will shed some light on her private life.

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