Value of White summer dresses

Skin care for summer

Be prepared for alternating days of rain and sunshine in June, July, and August.

Cotton, lightweight polyester fabrics, single jersey, poly lycra, light cotton, micro twill, peached polycount and stretch poplin is the fabrics in vogue in summer.

Summer is the color of pastels, of lemonade and mango. Go for a lighter/natural look during summer days and a made-up/shimmery look during summer nights. White has never been hotter than the Summer of 2005!

White pants, white shorts, white skirts, ribbed tanks, white bathing suits- are in.

Some people avoid white clothing because rumor has it that it can make you look larger than you are.

Take the time to visit the dressing room before you buy.

Then, once you have your whites, stock up on bright accessories – scarves, shoes, belts, necklaces, bracelets.
Bright accessories not only dress up basic white, but they distract the eye, drawing it away from what you may think are your “problem areas”.

Avoid wearing synthetic shirts and replace them with thin-clothed Kurta shirts. Go for Kurta shirts with draw-string pants in corduroy or plain cotton.

Sleeveless tops should only be worn in the evenings to avoid suntan. Camouflage heavy upper arms by draping them in a delicate chiffon scarf.


Try the combination of capris with bright green, turquoise and fuchsia tops.

Go for cap sleeves and kaftan tops or North African loose ponchos in cotton.

This summer, hats are back – only now they’re playfully frivolous and more a symbol of self-expression than anything else. Hats dress up everything from jeans to shorts to dresses to bathing suits. They can be floppy or fitted, made from every fabric under the sun and accessorized as desired. Hats can cover up a bad hair day or make basic black interesting. More importantly, they protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.


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