Paranda Hairstyles fashion is an eastern traditional fashion which is wearing from hundred of years.

It is a fashion for women. The women who have long Hairstyles are wearing Paranda. Paranda is made for hairs and it is made with fabrics. Mostly the women are made it in their houses by hands.

They are made Paranda with a great skill. They are working hard on Paranda are many traditional things which are only found in Pakistan not in any other part of world, Paranda is one of them. Ladies of Pakistan like this very much.

They are specially made for specific occasions like for wedding ceremonies, for Eid or for Mehndi function. For a bridle it becomes a very necessary item at her Mehndi function. Paranda which are made for Mehndi function have different bright color but yellow color is specially used in them.

In addition to yellow color different types of beads, Pears, dabka, mirrors are also used in these Paranda. Tradition dress is incomplete without this traditional Paranda.